James Wickenden

Founder & President

Having traveled the globe serving independent schools of all types, Jim has developed a deep appreciation for their extraordinary variety and unique characteristics. He is committed to serving schools well, maintaining a flexibility and openness that allows Wickenden Associates to respond to the individual needs and concerns of schools and their leaders.

Jim’s extensive network of contacts serves clients well in searches and other consulting assignments. He maintains active relationships with hundreds of Heads and other senior administrators in schools across the country. Each year, he interviews scores of aspiring school leaders, continually growing and refreshing an expansive database. As a former member of eight Boards of independent schools with a wide range of missions and resource levels, Jim also knows firsthand the responsibilities shouldered by today’s trustees.

Before founding Wickenden Associates, Jim was the Dean of Admission at Princeton University and Director of Student and Alumni Affairs at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. A graduate of Tabor Academy and Princeton University, Jim holds a master’s degree in Counselor Education from Rutgers University, a master’s degree in the General Purposes of Education from Harvard University, and a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Boston University.

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