No. Wickenden Associates is paid for its services by the schools that retain us. While we don’t directly represent candidates during a search, we are committed to treating all candidates fairly and confidentially, and to providing the greatest level of support and service to you as you advance through a search process.

New searches are always posted immediately on our Current Searches page. If you would like to be notified periodically as new searches are announced, you can sign up for our e-newsletter below.

Your first step should be to request or download our Opportunity Statement from the Current Searches page of our website. The last page of each Opportunity Statement will give you information about the lead consultant(s), the application deadline, and the application process.

Absolutely! We are eager to hear from you. You can reach any of the Search Consultants by calling (609) 683-1355 or by emailing them directly. The lead consultant for each search is listed on the Current Searches page. If you have not worked with Wickenden Associates in the past, it is best if you contact us well before the application deadline. But, we encourage all candidates to let us know of their interest immediately in any of the open positions. As one candidate recently wrote to us, “Thanks so much for being proactive and reaching out. I do sincerely appreciate the time and care everyone at Wickenden Associates has taken to support me and my career search. It is definitely above and beyond anything I’ve experienced with other search firms!”

Sometimes we will conduct a preliminary reference check on a candidate early in the process. But rest assured, we never contact references without first securing your permission. If you are a finalist in one of our searches, we will conduct references with at least five professional colleagues of yours, all with your knowledge.

The application package is the first hurdle in the multi‐step search process. At this stage, the Search Committee (or Head of School) is most likely attempting to whittle a large field down to a more manageable size. Stated another way, some on the Search Committee might be looking for reasons to eliminate you. If you stumble here, you are unlikely to advance to the next stage. Thus, your application materials should be free of grammatical or typographic errors, attractively and cleanly presented, and concise. Check out Presenting Yourself on Paper, which provides useful tips and advice for writing your résumé, cover letter, and statement of educational philosophy (if applicable).

Although we advise search committees that interviews are of limited value in predicting how well someone will perform on the job, they are nonetheless critically important for candidates. Interviews are not only a chance for you to get to know important constituents at the school, but also for you to sell yourself. Like it or not, you will be judged on your performance, and no matter how strong your credentials, if you do not present yourself effectively in the interview, you are unlikely to advance to the finalist stage. Check out our “Dos” and “Don’ts” for helpful reminders for making a good impression.

This is absolutely the right time to connect with us. Wickenden is retained to conduct Head of School searches, as well as searches for Senior Administrative positions, including Assistant Heads, Division Heads, and Directors of Admission, College Counseling, and Development. Therefore, we are always eager to make the acquaintance of any and all aspiring independent school leaders. We will add you to our database and may contact you about opportunities that might be a good fit. A confidential conversation with one of our search consultants will also help us to know you better, so please don’t hesitate to call us at (609) 683-1355.

Each year, we conduct in-person, informational interviews with scores of candidates, often at our Princeton offices but also during the annual NAIS conference and during our travels to schools around the country. If you are interested in scheduling an interview, please call us at (609) 683-1355.