“I am so impressed by the professionalism and thoroughness of the search documents that you compiled. Besides the quality, breadth, and depth of the pool of candidates, the presentation of the materials, the abstracts, and comments are outstanding.”

Search Chair
Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child (NJ)


The detailed, yet flexible, roadmap we offer our clients is based on years of experience working with an extraordinarily wide range of schools. We believe that many of our features—like an inclusive, collaborative launch phase and a solid communication strategy—are key to any successful search. However, our head and senior administrative search processes are not one-size-fits-all, and there are few leadership recruitment and transition challenges we haven’t faced in working with nearly 400 schools. Our reputation for integrity, devotion to clients, and attention to detail helps us make better matches between institutions and their future leaders. In fact, 94% of the heads we’ve placed since 2009 have remained in the role for at least three years.

Besides our experience and expertise, there are a number of features of our work that set us apart from other search firms:

  • We are committed to recruiting a diverse group of candidates for every search, and we have a strong record of supporting the careers of women and candidates of color. Among the head of school and senior administrative searches we have conducted in the past five years, 62% of those placed were women and/or people of color. More broadly, we are proud that our candidates are diverse in age, education, professional backgrounds, and prior life experiences.
  • The assessment of candidates is among the most consequential and challenging aspects of the search, and our process allows us to evaluate candidates through multiple lenses. Our thorough and expert community research and engagement is the best in the business and is conducted both prior to the launch of the search and during the finalist phase. Our in-depth candidate interviews, leadership self-assessments, and reference checking are essential to helping search committees better understand candidate traits and leadership qualities.
  • We know how important it is for search committees to manage the information that flows to and from the school community, candidates, and the search firm. With our help, search committees can present a strong, confident, upbeat message while keeping constituents excited and engaged. Among other resources we offer, we provide a detailed written guide, which outlines the timing and messaging of key communications points throughout the search process.
  • When a school retains Wickenden Associates, the search committee benefits from the wisdom and support of not only the lead consultants, but our entire team. Throughout a search, we bear most of the administrative burden, working behind the scenes to ensure that every candidate is treated respectfully and his or her materials are processed smoothly. With the Wickenden team keeping things running smoothly behind the scenes, the search committee can focus on evaluating the candidates and their potential fit with the school.