Searches for Other Senior Administrators

We have conducted more than 60 searches for key senior administrators, including Assistant Heads, Division Heads, and Directors of Admission, College Counseling, and Development.

Our method with regard to senior-level administrative searches is similar to our Head of School search process in that we work closely with the Head of School and the search committee to provide:

  • a top-flight group of candidates.
  • comprehensive support at every stage of the process.
  •  guidance on appropriate ways to engage and inform various constituencies about the search.

Because schools vary widely in their approach to senior administrative searches, we will work with you to tailor our process so that it reflects your preferences – particularly with regard to the roles and responsibilities of any search committee you appoint and the extent to which you wish to include various constituents in the search process.

We carefully track the careers of hundreds of current administrators and aspiring school leaders, constantly networking to expand our database of candidates for these critical positions.