About Us

Jim WickendenJames Wickenden launched this company in 1986 with the goal of making a contribution to the independent school world. As the son of the 34-year Headmaster of Tabor Academy, Jim came by this interest naturally. During his years as Dean of Admission at Princeton University, Jim continued to broaden his knowledge through visits to hundreds of independent schools.

With more than 30 years of experience serving independent schools, Wickenden Associates today is an experienced team of talented and knowledgeable professionals — each of whom brings an extensive and varied range of skills and all of whom share Jim’s goal of helping independent schools thrive in challenging times. Together, the Wickenden Associates team has consulted with nearly 500 schools throughout the nation and abroad.

What sets Wickenden Associates apart?

  • Our Experience
    We have conducted more than 520 Head of School and other senior administrative searches and performed hundreds of other consulting assignments for independent schools. No one can match the breadth or depth of our knowledge in this arena.
  • Our Network
    We maintain active relationships with a large and diverse group of talented educators and inspiring leaders across the country. Our comprehensive database – constantly refreshed – includes more than 12,000 current and prospective educational leaders.
  • Our Process
    Our team-based approach ensures maximum guidance and support at every stage of the search. Thorough, inclusive, and flexible, we work with each search committee to tailor a recruitment and communications strategy that fits the school’s unique circumstances. Our candidate research and reference checking are the best in the business.